B3. Model Free AI

Don't Model the World - just Model the Mind.

It's a lot easier. With some poetic freedom, I'd like to claim:

  1. Model the World: ten billion lines of code
  2. Model the Brain: ten million lines of code
  3. Model the Mind: ten thousand lines of code

#1 is regular programming. We make computers perform actions in a context that matches the programmer's mental Model of some relevant parts of the world.

#2 is Neuroscience based Models of neurons, synapses and other biological structures and systems in brains.

#3 is Epistemology based "Models" of Learning, Understanding, Reasoning, Prediction, Abstraction, and other Holistic and Emergent phenomena.

Epistemology based Methods require  a rather minimal infrastructure to support whatever operations these concepts require.

I put "Models" within irony quotes because they are strictly speaking meta-Models because they are used in meta-skills. They are not about skills, such as English or folding proteins, they are about how to acquire such skills:

By Learning from our mistakes.